Segway Salzburg

Making a difference: success for Segway Salzburg with the ComfortPages Webshop!

You have probably seen a Segway Tour riding around town in Salzburg ? If you booked a tour in the Segway Salzburg Webshop, you would know how easy you can be a part of this !

Who has built this e-commerce platform is not hard to guess: ComfortPages. The web agency from Salzburg that makes developing a webshop easier than ever, the easy wwway.

Easy, easier, easiest, ComfortPages Salzburg

Straight forward, clean and professional - that's the general look of ComfortPages Salzburg Websites. On top of this, they are easy and fast to manage. Changing your pages can be done by anyone and the result is always a cool design. This way, everybody is happy, not only our customers, but also the ComfortPages Websites visitors.

The Segway Salzburg Tours Team decided to revamp their webshop and go for a ComfortPages solution. That worked out well !

Segway Salzburg Webshop – the success story

Online since June 2018 - the new webshop The results showed immediately with a fast rise of online bookings from all over the world, all wanting to secure a Segway Salzburg Tour in the future.

Why is the new Segway-Webshop so successful ?

  • The shop is user friendly. Customers find their way in no time and can book their tour with little mouse clicks. Choose your tour, choose your date in the calendar, click for an immediate shop cart entry, register and off you go. Sounds easy ? It is!
  • The shop is easy to manage. The Segway Salzburg team can see and change all the bookings directly in their google calendar. The google calendar integration is seamless. At night the system makes back-ups of all the calendar entries, just to make sure possible team errors can be recovered with a mouse click.
  • The ComfortPages solutions is SEO friendly out of the box. That means, the pages are found by anybody worldwide. The search results are further enhanced by the speed of the system.
  • The shop is secure. "Better safe than sorry!"

Backups are made on a regular basis, and with mollie as a Payment Service Provider a secure and efficient payment method is guaranteed.