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Just embed the widget on your website and you're set! Sell your Google Calendar Events online - the easy wwway.


Selling Events

The Google Calendar Widget lets you sell events and appointments online, directly on your website - including various payment methods for your customers and an invoice management tool. By synchronizing your Google Calendar, both you and your customers get an easy-to-use overview of all upcoming events and appointments. is based on ComfortPages Webshops.

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Why use ?

  • With, you can easily sell Google Calendar events on your website.
  • is built according to the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU. The Google Calendars can be kept private, the system will not display personal information.
  • The simplest way to manage and sell your events online.

How does it work ?

  • All you need is a Google account.
  • After logging in, just go to the Google Calendar page.
  • There, just enter any appointment or event into your calendar.
  • Your events will appear on your website through our widget and customers can now add them to their cart.
  • First of all, we need to set up a webshop for you, this includes option to customize your invoice layout and other design options to make it appealing for your customers.
  • We connect your Google Calendar to the webshop with the help of the Google API.
  • The webshop will be embedded on your website via JavaScript Frame.
  • Mollie - our partner for payments - lets you choose from a wide array of payment options for your customers.

What does it cost ?

  • Embedding the widget on your website is easy, but setting up your personal website requires a bit more effort.
  • Setting up: one time € 160,00 Fee
  • Depending on your yearly sales generated by your webshop, we may only charge a percentage of your revenue, calculated at the end of each year.
Pricing - all are yearly prices - excl. VAT
Sales from € 0,00 to € 10.000,00 € 240,00
Sales up to € 10.000,00 4%
Sales up to € 20.000,00 2%
Sales up to € 40.000,00 1%
Sales up to € 80.000,00 0,5%

About Us

ComfortPages is a webdesign and webhosting agency based in Salzburg, Austria with a strong focus on creating easy-to-use webshops. Besides custom designs for major clients, our in-house CMS primarily caters towards smaller businesses looking for an affordable, flexible and fast way to set up their own websites and webshops.

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David Danter

After graduating college with a degree in English and American Studies, David started working at ComfortPages in early 2019 and is responsible for all things content. Besides working with texts in both German and English, his typical day also consists of a lot of design work and social media management for ComfortPages and it's customers.

Prior to his time at university, David also worked as a freelancer at one of Germany's biggest video game websites and tried his luck livestreaming on Twitch and creating content on YouTube for multiple years.

Ray van den Berge

A long time ago Ray was born in The Hague, Netherlands. After extensive traveling, mostly to surf the best places our blue planet has to offer, he decided that picking fruits for a living was not really an option. Neither was being a professional surfer, so reality struck and made him study in the USA, at least with a scholarship for playing water polo and swimming.

After prolonged stays in Holland, South Africa and Australia Ray finally landed happily in Austria. He started working in IT in Adelaide, Australia, in 1998 and builds CMS systems since 2003. Mountain biking replaced surfing, even if there is not a whole of a lot of time left between family life and


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